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Welcome to esyringe®, the syringe source for industrial medical laboratory analyzers and scientific instruments.

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  • Big savings on a large selection of syringes for your analyzer. 
  • All syringes made in the USA, Australia or Switzerland.
  • Home of $9.50 ground shipping.
  • GHP Magazine & TMT BioTech: Most Innovative in Biotech and Medical R&D Awards

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Vital 1000ul reagent selectra
1000ul Vital Selectra Reagent
MSRP: US $212.00
Price: US $114.99
You Save: US $97.01 (46 %)
1000ul Vital Selectra Reagent
1000uL Syringe Reagent for Vital Selectra
Vital 100ul sample selectra
100ul Vital Selectra Sample
MSRP: US $212.00
Price: US $112.99
You Save: US $99.01 (47 %)
100ul Vital Selectra Sample
100uL Syringe Sample for Vital Selectra
E-Type Olympus Syringe
E-Type Syringe for Olympus
Price: US $149.99
E-Type Syringe for Olympus
E-Type syringe for Beckman Coulter Olympus Chemistry Analyzer
Olympus ZM0112 reagent
Olympus ISE Reagent Syringe
MSRP: US $220.00
Price: US $169.99
You Save: US $50.01 (23 %)
Olympus ISE Reagent Syringe
Olympus ISE Reagent Syringe, Made in USA.
Olympus ZM0111 sample syringe
Olympus Sample Syringe
MSRP: US $229.00
Price: US $159.99
You Save: US $69.01 (30 %)
Olympus Sample Syringe
100uL Olympus Sample syringe. Made in the USA.
Syringe Rack for 6 Syringes
MSRP: US $42.80
Price: US $39.99
You Save: US $2.81 (7 %)
Syringe Rack for 6 Syringes
Holds 6 Syringes, accepts syringes up to 23/64", 0.357", 9mm OD (outer diameter)