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Septum Valve

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Price: US $78.75
Item Number: e031911
The septum cap (e031911) allows sample access without loss or contamination. It can be removed and Luer Lock needles or devices fitted.

Push-Button Valve with Luer Lock or Removable Needle. Suits 5mL-2L syringes with removable Luer Lock or removable needle.

IN VITRO use only. For lab analyzers only. Not for human use.

 Description  Septum Valve
 Pack Size
 1 (one)
 Application  Removable Needle/Luer Lock 5mL-2L Syringes 
 Needle Code  VLLMA5/2000
 Needle Length
 Gauge  N/A
 Needle OD (Outer Diameter)
 Needle ID (Inner Diameter)
 Tip Style
 Valve Part No.

Expert Tip: With the valve in the closed position it is possible to move the plunger to pre-pressurize the sample.