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0.5uL General Purpose Syringe with Removable On-Column 0.47OD Needle

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Item Number: e000376
Manufacturer: Trajan SGE
Please note the GC On-Column Syringes are manual syringes with needle specifications to suit specific instruments. They are not for use with autosamplers.

IN VITRO use only, for use in lab analyzer only. Not for human use.

 Volume  0.5uL
 Description  Syringe with On-Column Needle
 Application  General Purpose Manual Syringe
 Syringe Code  0.5BR-OC-7/0.47
 Termination  Needle
 Barrel (Borosilicate Glass)  8mm OD (Outer Diameter)
 Scale Length  63.7mm
 Needle  Removable, Stainless Steel
 Needle Length  70mm
 Needle Gauge  26g
 Needle OD  0.47mm OD
 Needle ID  0.1mm ID (Inner Diameter)
 Needle Tip  On-Column
 Plunger  Metal
 Replacement Part No.  e000376
 6 Pack Part No.  N/A
 10 Pack Part No.  N/A
 25 Pack Part No.  N/A
 Replacement Needle Part No.  N/A
 Replacement Plunger No.  N/A
 Replacement Needle and Plunger Part No.  e033630
 Replacement Valve Part No.  N/A
 Spare Probes Pkt 1  N/A
 Spare Needles Pkt 5  N/A
 Accuracy and Reproducibility  ± 2% (dispensed volume)
 International Standards Traceability  Yes
 Equivalent  000376 00376 0376 376

86250 7000.5N 7000     

Expert Tip: When selecting an on-column syringe, the needle Outside Diameter (OD) must be smaller than the Inside Diameter (ID) of the GC capillary column. Care must also be taken to select the correct needle length to suit the on-column injector. Wherever possible, a sheathed needle should be used for maximum needle strength and protection.