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250uL LC Manual Syringe w/ Removable Needle & PTFE Tip

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Item Number: e006312
Manufacturer: Trajan SGE
LC manual Syringes are a good choice for general liquid dispensing. The blunt LC needle tip design and 51mm needle length are used to avoid damage to the LC valve.

IN VITRO use only, for use in lab analyzer only. Not for human use.

 Volume  250uL
 Description  Syringe with Removable Needle
 Application  Beckman/Altex, Rheodyne, SSI Instruments,
 and Valco Valves
 Syringe Code  250R-GT-LC
 Termination  Needle
 Barrel (Borosilicate Glass)  8mm OD (Outer Diameter)
 Scale Length  60mm
 Needle  Removable
 Needle Length  51mm
 Needle Gauge  22
 Needle OD  0.028in (0.72mm) OD
 Needle ID  0.37mm ID (Inner Diameter)
 Needle Tip  LC
 Plunger  PTFE Tipped Plunger, Gas Tight
 Replacement Part No.  e006312
 6 Pack Part No.  N/A
 10 Pack Part No.  N/A
 25 Pack Part No.  N/A
 Replacement Needle Part No.  e038250
 Replacement Plunger No.  e031830
 Replacement Needle and Plunger Part No.  N/A
 Replacement Valve Part No.  N/A
 Spare Probes Pkt 1  N/A
 Spare Needles Pkt 5  N/A
 Accuracy and Reproducibility  ± 1% (dispensed volume)
 International Standards Traceability  Yes
 Equivalent  006312, 6312, 06312, e006312
Made in Australia        81165, 1725RNR - Rheodyne

Expert Tip: Users of Valco injectors requiring 3/4" long needles must fit a Valco VISF-2 adaptor.

When using the complete loop fill technique, the syringe capacity should be greater than twice the loop volume. The loop capacity sets the injection volume.

When using the partial loop technique, the injection volume should be no greater than half the loop capacity. The injection size sets the injection volume.