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50mL General Purpose Manual Syringe w/ Luer Lock & PTFE Tip

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Item Number: e009660
Manufacturer: Trajan SGE

 Volume  50mL
 Description  Syringe with PTFE Tipped Plunger
 Application  General Purpose Manual Syringe,
 Suitable for Syringe Pumps and Dispensers
 Syringe Code  50MR-LL-GT
 Termination  Luer Lock & 6-32 UNC threaded plunger button
 Barrel (Borosilicate Glass)  32.8mm OD (Outer Diameter)
 Scale Length  84.2mm
 Needle  N/A
 Needle Length  N/A
 Needle Gauge  N/A
 Needle OD  N/A
 Needle ID  N/A
 Needle Tip  Removable Luer Lock
 Plunger  PTFE Tip, No thread in plunger stem
 Replacement Part No.  e009660
 6 Pack Part No.  N/A
 10 Pack Part No.  N/A
 25 Pack Part No.  N/A
 Replacement Needle Part No.  N/A
 Replacement Plunger No.  e0312170
 Replacement Needle and Plunger #  N/A
 Replacement Valve Part No.  N/A
 Spare Probes Pkt 1  N/A
 Spare Needles Pkt 5  N/A
 Accuracy and Reproducibility  ± 1% (dispensed volume)
 International Standards Traceability  Yes
 Equivalent  009660, 9660
Made in Australia       85020 1050TLL
85027 1050TLL w/slots
IN VITRO use only, for use in lab analyzer only. Not for human use.

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