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NMR Edition

About NMR:

SGE has recognized the advantages eVol® brings to NMR sample preparation and has developed the 'NMR Edition' of eVol®. eVol® 'NMR Edition' improves accuracy and confidence in results, improves workflow and delivers cost savings.

eVol® 'NMR Edition' features extra long stainless steel needles (115 and 180 mm) that prevent contamination and enable 'in tube' sample dilution and mixing.

Recovery of precious samples from NMR tubes is also possible with eVol® allowing samples to be stored in cost effective vials while the NMR tubes can be emptied, washed and reused.

The eVol® NMR Edition is designed for the specific needs of NMR:
  • Accomodates small sample quantities.
  • Provides very high levels of accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Allows re-use of high cost consumables.
  • Includes needles that can reach to the bottom of NMR tubes, allowing them to be emptied, washed and re-used.

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