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eVol® - World's 1st Digitally Controlled Analytical Syringe

eVol® XR

Every One an Expert

  • Is a complete dispensing solution
  • Has a broad range of functions and uses
  • Revolutionizes the way laboratories work and the pace at which they process samples.

eVol® is the coupling of two precision devices:

  1. A digitally controlled electronic drive and
  2. An XCHANGE® (Patent Pending SGE) enabled analytical syringe.
The result is a digitally controlled positive displacement dispensing system that can be programmed to reproducibly and accurately perform a wide variety of liquid handling procedures.

Unlike air-displacement devices, eVol® is the perfect solution for accurately aspirating and dispensing both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids. The range of eVol® analytical syringes can be used to accurately aspirate and dispense volumes covering from 200nL to 1mL.

eVol® Improves Your Laboratory Workflow and Reporting Confidence

eVol® features:

  • Programming functions are intuitive
  • Includes help screens and prompts
  • Menu is logical and easy to navigate
  • Touch wheel user interface
  • Full-color screen

The programmable digital drive accurately and precisely dispenses liquids independent of the user's skills - allowing more efficient workflow scheduling and a reduction in the re-analysis of incorrectly processed or false positive samples.

XCHANGE® analytical syringes are easily and quickly changed allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids to prevent possible cross-contamination of reagents.

To comply with stringent laboratory standards (e.g. GLP, GMP, FDA), eVol® is the world's first user calibrated analytical syringe. The gravimetric calibration procedure is simple, intuitive and can be performed at appropriate intervals. Calibration factors are stored for up to ten XCHANGE® syringes and quickly loaded when the syringe is changed.

eVol XR

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 eVol® improves workflow

Without eVol®
With eVol®
Standard Preparation Standards prepared in a large volume flask. From this standard aliquots are individually dispensed into autosampler vials. Standards are made up directly in the vial, including the make up solvent. • Less glassware usage
• Reduces waste fluid
• Significant time saving
• Improved accuracy and reproducibility
Addition of Standards Small amounts of standard aspirated and dispensed into all samples before being transferred to an autosampler vial. One aspiration and a fast series of repeated accurate dispenses directly into vials. • Significant time saving
• Improved accuracy and reproducibility
Delivery of derivatization agents Laboratory staff required to work in a fume hood with potentially hazardous materials, to prepare combinations of derivatization agents in open vials. Process completed with eVol® programmed to aspirate an amount of solvent or agent and then dispense aliquots into sealed vials.  Single handed operation. • Improved operator safety, lower spill and splash risk
• Ergonomic benefits behind fume hood screen
• Improved accuracy and reproducibility
• Less glassware use
Serial dilutions Transfer of a small amount of solution to another container. Solvent added to achieve the required volume. This is repeated multiple times to obtain the required final accurate concentration. One aspiration of the solution can be dispensed directly into the solvent to achieve the required accurate concentration. • Complete workflow simplification
• Significant time savings
• Improved accuracy
• Less solvent required
• Less glassware used

Calibrated vs. Uncalibrated

Accuracy ± 0.2 % for a calibrated syringe at full scale.

Precision RSD (%) at full scale:
-  eVol® 500µL syringe 0.3 %
-  eVol® 100µL syringe 0.3 %
-  eVol® 50µL syringe 0.4 %
-  eVol® 5µL syringe 0.5 %

Typical Applications for eVol® include:

  • Preparation of calibration standards.
  • Preparation and addition of internal standards.
  • Precise dispensing of aqueous and non-aqueous liquids.
  • Sample dilution. Instrument (GC and LC) injections.
  • Serial dilutions.
  • Micro titrations.
  • TLC spotting.
  • Precise measurements.
  • Spiking.
  • Quantitative NMR.
eVol Full Color Screen

Multiple operating modes maximize the flexibility of eVol® use:

  • Dispense - aspirate and dispense the same volume.
  • Repeat Dispense - repetitive dispensing of a desired volume.
  • Manual - aspirate and dispense varying volumes (i.e. titrations).
  • Custom - create and store methods with parameters tailored to your solution (up to 98 steps).

Expert Tip: Adjustable operational speed allows for sample variations, such as viscosity.

Only three XCHANGE® syringes are required to dispense liquid volumes covering the range from 200nL to 500µL.

Syringe Capacity (µL) Volume Range (µL)
1000 40-1000
500 20-500
100 4-100
50 2-50
5 0.2-5

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eVol MEPS™ Syringe

eVol® MEPS™

eVol® is ideal for use with MEPS™ - Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent.

MEPS™ performs the same function as SPE, namely the purification or speciation of samples, but with the advantage that MEPS™ works with much smaller samples (as small as 3.6µL) than full scale SPE. Learn how to use eVol® for SPE.

eVol® and MEPS™ together offer improvements in workflow, resource savings and their combined use is ideal for method development.

The eVol® custom programming function allows MEPS™ to be automated - the sample processing, extraction and injection steps are performed using the same syringe.

The MEPS™ Barrel-Insert-Needle (BIN) contains the stationary phase and is built into the syringe needle.

The dimensions of the sorbent bed ensure that the performance remains identical to conventional SPE devices when used for extraction of similar samples.

MEPS™ BINs can easily be fitted to eVol® MEPS™ Syringes and are available in a variety of common SPE phases.

Learn more about rapid sample preparation protocols using Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent

(Liquid-Liquid Extraction)
(Solid Phase Extraction)
(Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent)

Method Description

 - Relies on the difference in solubility of analytes in immiscible liquids.

 - One phase is aqueous (hydrophilic) and the other is an organic (hydrophobic) solvent.

 - The organic phase is immobilized on a stationary phase in a cartridge.

 - A suitable organic solvent mixture is used to selectively elute the compounds of interest.

 - Stationary phase does not move, sample and solvents must be moved to the cartridge.

 - Can be used to remove unwanted interfering compounds and to increase sample concentration.
 - A miniaturized form of SPE with a reduced stationary phase (3mg) integrated into a high quality SGE analytical syringe.

 - Stationary phase moves with the syringe which aspirates and dispenses the sample.

 - Can be used to remove unwanted interfering compounds.

Sample Volume Required

 - Generally large, e.g. 10-100mL.  - Small, e.g. 3mL.  - Micro, e.g. 50µL

Evaporation Step

 - Solvent evaporation required to increase sample concentration to a level that can be analyzed.  - In the majority of cases, solvent evaporation required to increase sample concentration to a level that can be analyzed.  - Evaporation generally not required.

Solvent Used

 - Large solvent volumes required, e.g. 10-100mL.  - Large solvent volumes required, e.g. 10mL.  - Micro, e.g. 500µL


 - Slow and labor intensive.  - Evaporation step can be time consuming.  - Fast, e.g. minutes, as one step washes, loads and elutes.


 - Entire process cannot be automated.  - Can be automated.  - Can be fully automated.


 - High solvent purchase and discard costs.  - High solvent purchase and discard costs.  - Low solvent purchase and discard costs.

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eVol® NMR Edition

SGE has recognized the advantages eVol® brings to NMR sample preparation and has developed the 'NMR Edition' of eVol®. eVol® 'NMR Edition' improves accuracy and confidence in results, improves workflow and delivers cost savings.

eVol® 'NMR Edition' features extra long stainless steel needles (115 and 180 mm) that prevent contamination and enable 'in tube' sample dilution and mixing.

Recovery of precious samples from NMR tubes is also possible with eVol® allowing samples to be stored in cost effective vials while the NMR tubes can be emptied, washed and reused.

The eVol® NMR Edition is designed for the specific needs of NMR:
  • Accomodates small sample quantities.
  • Provides very high levels of accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Allows re-use of high cost consumables.
  • Includes needles that can reach to the bottom of NMR tubes, allowing them to be emptied, washed and re-used.
eVol NMR Edition

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RoHS Compliant Compliant Certificate -
the eVol® Electronic Syringe
handpiece is RoHS compliant.
Additional RoHS compliance information