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250ul Syringe w/1/4-28 for V6 Versa Pump

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Item Number: e17594
Manufacturer Part No: e17594
 Description  250ul Syringe 1/4-28 w/sidehole plunger     
 Application  Versa 6 (V6) Cadent syringe Pump    
 Orifice  0.039
 Thread  1/4-28
 Equivalent  17594 A, e445005, may replace 17584 (see specs below)
 eS1427 (2) seals to prevent leakage & for cleaning.
(Use 1 on initial install, use the 2nd after cleaning)
Extra available.

B a r r e l

From the tip of the syringe to the plastic guide is 93mm long, the glass is 7.8mm OD. The knurled ¼-28 portion is 10.25mm OD at widest point.

G u i d e

The plastic guide on the open end is 11.4mm L x 12.3mm OD.

P l u n g e r   R o d  

94mm long


From the tip of the syringe to the end of the plunger rod (installed) is 112mm long.

B u t t o n

The plunger button with the hole drilled through the side is as follows 8.65mm L x 6.44mm OD x 4.9mm ID.

S e a l s

Our analyzer to syringe tip contact is kel F at the screw in ¼-28 mount. Kel F is very hard and doesn’t seal well so we provide 2 softer seals to seal the syringe to the analyzer. Only use one seal at a time and keep using it until it leaks, then move to the new one. Replacement seals are available.


Made in the United States.

Not for human use.

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